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Taluka Sankri HEP

Taluka Sankari Hydroelectric Project

Taluka Sankri H. E. Scheme is proposed in upper stretches of Tons river in Uttarkashi Dist in Uttarakhand. The proposed project envisages construction of 20 m high gated dam downstream of confluence of Siyan Gad with Tons and about 1000 m upstream of village Taluka. The water of Tons river is diverted through a water conductor system to an underground power house near village Upia Panwa, near the confluence of Supin Gad with Tons river on its right bank near Sankri village with proposed installed capacity of 140 MW. The project with a proposed installation of 140 MW (2 x 70 MW) is envisaged to generate an annual energy generation of 564.79 MU in a 90% dependable year.

Salient Features:

· Location - Uttarakahsi, Uttarakhand

· River – Tons

· Capacity - 140 MW

· Radial Gates - 92.0 m long Concrete gravity dam

· Head Race Tunnel - 6.34 Km, 3.2 m dia Modified horse shoe

· Surge shaft - 5.0 m dia of 74.4 m height

· Pressure shafts - 2 nos. each of 2.8 m diameter, 1045 m long

· Power House - located underground on the left bank of Supin river

· Generator - 2 units of 70 MW each

· Turbine - 2 Nos. of Pelton

· Design head - 570.0 m

· Annual Generation - 564.79 MU

· Project Cost - Rs. 378.14 crore on March, 2004 PL

* Project falls within Govind Wildlife Sanctuary,Stagi-I clearance could not obtained as chief wildlife warden has given unfarourable comments.


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