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Lakhwar Multi Purpose Project

Lakhwar Project is a multipurpose scheme, primarily a peaking power station, on river Yamuna in the district of Dehradun in Uttarakhand. The scheme envisages construction of 204 m high concrete dam on river Yamuna near Lohari village. The Multipurpose scheme also envisages construction of Vyasi HEP (2x60 MW) (Hathiari power station) downstream of Lakhwar HEP.

The scheme also includes construction of a barrage at Katapathar about 3 Km downstream of Hathiari power station (Vyasi HEP) on river Yamuna. The inflow and stored water in Lakhwar and Vyasi reservoir after generation of power at Lakhwar underground power house and Hathiari surface power house will be balanced at Katapathar barrage for downstream uses. The project with a proposed installation of 300 MW (3 x 100 MW) is envisaged to generate an annual energy generation of 612.93 MU in a 90% dependable year. 

Photo: Dam Site



Salient Features:

· Location - Dehradun District, Uttarakhand

· River – Yamuna

· Capacity - 300 MW

· Concrete Gravity Dam - 204.0 m high

· Pressure shaft - 4.3 m, 186.5 m, 211 m, 235 m long three circular

· Under ground Power House -130 m x 20 m x 46 m D -Shaped

· Generator

  3 units of 100 MW each

· Vertical Francis Turbine - 3 Nos.

· Rated head - 148.00 m

· Project land requirement – 1217.18 Ha

· Annual Generation - 572.54 MU

· Project Cost - Rs. 3966.51 crore on May 2012 PL

· Year of Commissioning/Completion Schedule - Dec   2022 

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